The Mind of Agatha Christie © Joanne S Bast

The Mind of Agatha Christie

Joanne S Bast

Littlestown, Pennsylvania, USA

Artist Statement

Agatha Christie lives on through her books and plays, as well as her subsequent movies and TV dramas. I chose to emphasize her books, the products of her indomitable mind as full to the brim bookcase-overlaying with sheers depicting visuals of three of her most popular stories: Murder on the Orient Express, A Caribbean Mystery, and Death on the Nile. I liked the contrast between the hard books and the pictorial imagination of the photos through which the book spines can still be seen.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Agatha Christie was a socially shy woman who left behind a prolific wealth of stories to stimulate and entertain generations to come.


Programmed Embroidery Fonts, Applique, Photo printing on sheer silk, freeform machine embroidery and quilting.


Cotton and cotton blend fabrics, silk organza treated for computer ink printing, cotton batting.

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