Mother Angelica Rizzo © Jennifer A Beatty

Mother Angelica Rizzo

Jennifer A Beatty

Huntington Beach, California, USA

Artist Statement

When my mother died in 2012, it changed my life in unexpected ways. I was saddened and sought around me for comfort. I came across old reruns of Mother Angelica on television and she spoke as a mother to me. I started to appreciate her shows and to learn more about her.

What I discovered fascinated me. She had created her own network and appeared on it for 20 years. Mother Angelica was a very strong woman and her groundbreaking achievements, which included building the television and shortwave networks EWTN and WEWN, were the result of trusting, beginning, and persevering. She had big bold plans and made them happen.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Mother Angelica was the first woman in the history of broadcasting to launch and lead a television network on the air for twenty years.


Hand and machine applique and piecing, fabric painting, gelatin printing, hand drawn artwork cartoon, hand embroidery, foam stamping, hand and machine quilting.


PFD fabric, silk, commercial batik, commercial fabric panel, acrylic paint, cotton thread, perle and stranded embroidery thread.