Jane Goodall © Kaylea Daubenspeck

Jane Goodall

Kaylea Daubenspeck

Sherman, Texas, USA

Artist Statement

Every little girl needs a role model, someone that can show her she can be or do anything regardless of gender and teach her that compassion is one of the most important qualities to possess. Jane Goodall was, and still is, one of those role models for me.

I had two great loves when I was a child, primates and art. My interest in primates lead me to learning and admiring Jane Goodall. My passion for art eventually lead to the creation of this art quilt. This is the first art quilt I have made and it was definitely a learning process, but I enjoyed combining two of my interests into one project that celebrates women and their accomplishments.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Dr. Jane Goodall redefined the field of primatology through her observations of chimpanzees. Presently, she actively works to protect chimpanzees and promote environmental conservation.


The process of my quilt began with drawing my design on 24×30 paper. I then traced sections of my design onto fusible paper and ironed that paper onto fabric. Each section such as Jane’s shirt, arms, face, and hair are all separate pieces of fabric. The same goes with the chimpanzee and the many leaves.

All the pieces were then ironed onto one large panel of fabric. After everything was ironed down, I painted on highlights, shadows, and details with acrylic paint. Next, I adhered batting to the back of my panel and stitched around most of the fabric pieces. Lastly, I stitched the panel onto a second large piece of fabric, turned it right-side out, and made some finishing stitches around the leaves.


Fabric, fusible paper, batting, acrylic paint, and textile medium.

Credit: Tammi Daubenspeck taught me the fusing and quilting process.