Lyrical Lucky Shie © Karol Kusmaul

Lyrical Lucky Shie

Karol Kusmaul

Inverness, Florida, USA

Artist Statement

The quilt I have made honoring Susan (nicknamed ‘Lucky’) Shie, of Wooster, Ohio, is not made in my usual style. Instead, I made it in Susan’s style, having taken an extended class with her, and learning her art quilt processes.

Susan is a painter, a talker, a thinker, an activist, and a writer. She is constantly recording both world and personal events as they occur. She draws and journals in her sketchbooks and on fabric. I’ve been fortunate to spend two separate weeks with her at retreat events, thus getting to know her well. I find her brilliant, prolific, and delightful to be with.

I am most impressed with all her artistic accomplishments despite the fact that Susan suffers from Albinism and is legally blind. Yet, she produces high caliber award winning art, teaching and exhibiting worldwide. She has been a pioneer and an advocate for artists, for social justice, for peace, and for our environment – using art to communicate and initiate improvements in these areas. Because of my deep admiration for Susan and her accomplishments, I set about interviewing her to learn more about her passions and her life’s work. I’ve highlighted some of the resulting information in the quilt.

Drawn and painted symbols are covered with text – including quotes and descriptors, Susan’s accomplishments and opinions. The piece is quilted and bound using methods Susan teaches. I feel like the lucky one to have had the chance to get to know and learn from this woman!

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Despite being blind, Susan Shie has earned two degrees in painting, teaches worldwide, produces multiple award winning art, founded and managed the Green Quilts Project for 15 years.


Drawn and painted on white fabric. Text and details added with permanent marker. Embroidery, machine quilting. Bound using Susan’s foldover method.


Fabric, Jacquard textile paints, Rub a dub marker, embroidery floss, purchased embroidered bird.

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