Las Sinsombrero © Marisa Márquez

Las Sinsombrero

Marisa Márquez

Madrid, Spain

Artist Statement

My quilt represents the women in the generation from 1927 to 1939 that fought for their rights and the right to choose the way to live their life in equality to men. They were writers, painters, actresses, lawyers, syndicalist, politicians… they don’t have faces because we don’t study their achievements, we don’t remember their names, they have disappeared from the textbooks, and from our culture. Their books aren’t mandatory reading, as their male counterparts from the same era, their paintings aren’t in museums, their political achievements, are not in the history books. Their names are just forgotten. That’s why they are only silhouettes, no faces.

Their names are in the falling hat, left behind.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

In 1927 women in Spain who called themselves Las Sinsombrero started to get in social positions that there were traditionally prohibited: political, business, writing, art. Their rights were censured in 1939.


Paint, machine applique, machine quilting.


Cotton fabric, fabric paint, polyester threads