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Mirjam Aigner       Marie Curie

Nicki Allen       Malala Yousafzai

Colleen Ansbaugh       Injection Site

Lisa Arthaud       I Will Be a Hummingbird

Bonnie Askowitz       Gloria

Susan Auden Wood       Indira – the Iron Lady of India | Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II


J. Lee Bagan       Mary Crow Dog – Lakota Woman

Joanne Bast       The Mind of Agatha Christie | Nichelle Nichols the Next Generation!

Jennifer Beatty       Mother Angelica Rizzo

Deb Berkebile       HerStory…Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison | Ride Sally Ride

Kris Bishop       Babe Didrikson

Dena Brannen       Amazing Grace | Minnie Pearl

Kathie Briggs       Julia

Teresa Bristow       Texas Governor Ann Richards

Timi Bronson       Jeannette Rankin

Tanya Brown       Maria Goeppert-Mayer | Mary Blair


Diane Cadrain       Dorothy Day

Sonia Callahan       Astronaut-Oceanographer: Kathryn Sullivan

Kat Campau       Shirley Was First | Angela Merkel World Leader

Kay Campbell       Gold! – The 1996 U.S. Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Soccer Team

Phyllis Campbell       Batter Up! – Gladys “Terrie” Davis

Joyce Carrier       HeLa Cells: Henrietta Lacks

Phyllis Cullen       The Meaning of Hope: Hannah Senesh | Golda, Leader of Men | Shattering the Glass: Geraldine Ferraro

Sherri Culver       Nina: A Theme with Variations | And the Glass Ceiling Came Tumbling Down . . . .Barbara Walters

Denise Currier       Humor Has It: Phyllis Diller

Meggan Czapiga       Maya Ying Lin


Nancy Daprile Jones       Luminous, Beautiful, and Modern Muse: Estée Lauder

Kaylea Daubenspeck       Jane Goodall

Tammi Daubenspeck       Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Mary Kay Davis       LBD: Coco Chanel

Polly Davis       River of Grass: Marjorie Stoneman Douglas

Sue de Vanny       Aviatrix Amy

Gabriele DiTota       Jody Williams | Karey Bresenhan | Malala Yousafzai

Barbara Dove       Mary Oliver: Poetic Inspirations

Willa Downes       Ruby Bridges, Age 6, 1960

Diane Dresdner       She Speaks to My Heart and Soul: Maya Angelou


Margo Ellis       Marcia Frederick

Sarah Entsminger       Field of Hope: Lady Bird Johnson

Suzanne Evenson       Susan B Anthony | Judy Chicago

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Kerry Faraone       Hedy Lamarr | Anne Lindbergh

Connie Harris Farrington       Peace Is A Woman’s Job

Gayle Ferrell       Virginia Apgar – developer of the APGAR scale

Peggy Fetterhoff       Mickie’s Bull

Karen Fisher       Helen Hardin: Between Two Worlds | Mary Colter: Builder on the Desert

Marlyn Foell       Reach for Dreams: Christa McAuliffe

Yolanda Fundora       Simone De Beauvoir


Nneka Gamble       An Angel Among Us: Oprah Winfrey | To Play One or To Be One, That is the Question! | Misty in the Making

Jayne Bentley Gaskins       The ENIAC Programmers

Pam Geisel       Morning Glories for Georgia

Denise Giardullo       Jane Addams

Priscilla Godfrey       Amelia Earhart – Aviation Pioneer

Debra Goley       I Have A Dream: Juliette Gordon Low | Taking Flight: My Great Aunts

Peg Green       Winter Pulse – Homage to Ursula K Leguin Left Hand of Darkness

Lesly-Claire Greenberg       Night of Terror: Lucy Burns

Guila Greer       Corita Kent


Betty Hahn       My Mom Anna Marie Peterson: Artist, Age 100 | Mary McLeod Bethune, Educator | Mary Leakey, Paleoanthropologist

Julie Hallquist       Barbara Jordan | Michelle Obama

Ginnie Hebert       Audrey

Nancy Hershberger       Eleanor Roosevelt

Charlie Hietala       Ella Grasso | Virginia Hall


Ellen Icochea       Pat Head Summitt, Coach and Advocate


Susanne Miller Jones       Planting the Mustard Seed | May I Take Off My Hat? | She Knows!


Jeanne Knudsen       Through the Lens: Dorothea Lange | Aretha

Karol Kusmaul       Lyrical Lucky Shie | Temple Grandin, Animal Advocate


Susan Lapham       Unbought and Unbossed | A Woman’s Place

Alison Laurence       The Bletchley Girls

Rose Legge       A Pearl of Great Value

Susan Lenz       Jackie | Madonna

Audrey Lipps       Supportive Community: Harriett Shetler

Carla Lounsbury       Nellie Tayloe Ross

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Linda MacDonald       Final Flight: Amelia Earhart | Rosie the Riveter

Deborah Mackinnon       Being of Good Mind: Wilma P Mankiller | Sandra Day O’Connor: A Woman for All Seasons

Janet Marney       Brave Betty

Marisa Márquez       Las Sinsombrero

Linda Martin       Dr. Pearl Eileen Primus

Sally Harcum Maxwell       Eppie Lederer: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Mary B McLaughlin       Beatrice Wood: A Life Colored by Art

Suzanne Meader       Marjorie Merriweather Post

Dianne Mehlinger       Maxine Hong Kingston: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Alicia Merrett       Watching the Sky At Night: Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Hannah Morse       Aung San Suu Kyi | Josephine Baker

Linda Mestas Morin       Sister Alicia Cuaron: Blessed is a Peacemaker

Laura Mosher       Triumph


Dabney H. Narvaez       Felisa Rincon de Gautier

Carole Nicholas       It All Started on a Bus: Rosa Parks

Bobbe Shapiro Nolan       INTEGRITY: Frances Oldham Kelsey, Ph.D., M.D. | Reaching for Heaven: Jeannette Ridlon Piccard

Ellen November       Julia Morgan


Jennifer O’Brien       Margaret Thatcher 1925 – 2013 | Pancho Barnes 1901-1975 | Janet Guthrie


Janice Paine-Dawes       Is This All There Is: Betty Friedan | It’s About Justice: Alice Paul

Claire Passmore       Kate Sheppard

Starla Phelps       Jumping Genes: Barbara McClintock | The Women in Military Service for America and General Wilma L. Vaught

Barbara Pozek       Dolly Parton


Lynn Randall       Agatha Christie: The Queen of Crime

Leo Ransom       Oprah Winfrey: Overcoming and Conquering

Lisa White Reber       Believe in the Fantastic: Zaha Hadid

Sue Rook Nichols       Good Climbing: Grace Hudowalski

Luana Rubin       Rosalynn Carter Explains to the Senate

Marisela Rumberg       Frida Kahlo

Birgit Ruotsala       Margit Olson, Lady of Love | Betty White: A Television Legend

Laurie Russman       Are You With Her?


Pauline Salzman       Channeling Nevelson … Mostly Gray

Fran Saperstein       Our Bodies Ourselves | Choice

Meena Schaldenbrand       Lucille Ball: A Multimedia Megastar | A Loving Tribute to Mother Teresa: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Ricki Selva       Liberté de l’air: Bessie Coleman | With the Wind and the Stars: Jacqueline Cochran

Mary Ellen Simmons       Bobbi Gibb

Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer       Lee Miller | Sonia Delaunay | Barbara Hepworth

Trudi Sommerfield       Conducting: A Study in Black and White

Shoshana Spiegel       Madame Speaker: Nancy Pelosi

Wendy Starn       Diplomacy Beyond Words: Madeline Korbel Albright | Rachel Carson: Advocate for Nature | Music’s Wonder Woman: Sarah Caldwell

Priscilla Stultz       Hattie Caraway

Linda Syverson Guild       Sisters and Comrades Through All the Years

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Karin Täuber       Maria Montessori

Sandy Teepen       Color Study: Tribute to Alma W. Thomas

Mary Tims       Stephanie Kwolek

Betsy True       Frances Perkins


Marijke van Welzen       The Girl with the Red Hair: Hannie Schaft | Do You See What I See? – Rosalind Franklin

Maggie Vanderweit       Reading a Little: Jean Little | Woman of the Deep Woods: Emily Carr

Karla Vernon       She is King

Carol Vinick       Sojourner Truth | Fanny Lou Hamer


Maggie Ward       Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Kathyrn Wild       Innocence Lost … Unfinished Business: Gabrielle Giffords

Margaret Williams       Marian Anderson | Hillary Rodham Clinton

Tracy Williams       Digit For Dian Fossey | Carol Burnett Window Dressing

Rosanne Williamson       The Brilliant Creation of J.K. Rowling


Gay Young       Fly, Wally, Fly

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