Marie Curie © Mirjam Aigner

Marie Curie

Mirjam Aigner

Jindabyne, New South Wales, Australia

Artist Statement

There was not a moment hesitation choosing Physicist Marie Curie for inspiration. Her science achievements were outstanding during the beginning of the last century and are still relevant today.

As an Artist I live with intense passion recognizing the need to express myself in my chosen art form. Time and again I will dream my work in the early morning hours, colours and form will present themselves and the first glimpse of conception appears.

Emotions play a great part in my first impression and that is where passion comes into play of my chosen subject. The topic speaks to me and, as I am creating, the concept will unfold in form on my designer board.

My own printed fabrics allow movement, verifying the expression of my work, encouraging me to merge the dream and the physical work processes.

I hear myself speak to the work and listen with my eyes. I see, often with surprise and wonderment, the concept I had intended, as Marie Curie inspired me to depict rays and nuclear motion.

Marie Curie was humble and lived in service of science. I am inspired by Marie Curie’s courage, her determination and passion for science while being exposed to radiation for medical purposes throughout most of her life.

I feel humility and at the same time the joy of creating art while celebrating Marie Curie’s achievements in science.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Marie Curie, the first woman to received two Nobel prizes for science and first female professor awarded the “chair of physics” at the Sorbonne, Paris.


Layers of mono/screen printed fabric’s bonded together with fine webbing. Hand stitched 3 layers.


Mono/screen printed Cotton, silk, silk organza stitched with embroidery cotton.