Injection Site © Colleen S Ansbaugh

Injection Site: Dorothy Hodgkin

Colleen S Ansbaugh

Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA

Artist Statement

The number of people who have blood sugar problems is over whelming knowing no boundaries of race nor religion. Sugar issues are easily controlled by some through diet. Other people need daily injections of insulin. How do they keep track of where and how to inject? The injection sites must get “messy” over time. Insulin: a blessing with ugliness.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Dorothy Hodgkin discovered the structure of insulin. This discovery has allowed millions of individuals to live normal lives by controlling the sugar levels in their bodies.


Hand dyed, discharged, over dyed and painted cotton plus synthetic fabrics. Embellished with machine and hand stitching.


Cotton and synthetic fabric, cotton batting, old table cloth for backing material.

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