Nina:  A Theme with Variations © Sherri Culver

Nina: A Theme with Variations

Sherri Culver

Portland, Oregon, USA

Artist Statement

Nina Simone, pianist and singer extraordinaire! Nina Simone, civil rights activist! Nina Simone, daughter of Africa! One Nina without the others is not Nina.

Music was the foundation of her life and is the foundation of this portrait. Her comrades and heroes of the Civil Rights Movement are honored in small likenesses on the wall. The colorful spattering of fabric throughout represent her love for Africa and the joy she found among its people.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Singer and pianist Nina Simone’s mastery of morphing musical styles and keys, while interspersing bits of entirely different compositions was magical. Nina wrote “To Be Young, Gifted and Black.” As the Civil Rights Movement heated up her “Mississippi Goddam” became an anthem.


Raw-edge, machine appliqué. Machine quilting.


Commercial fabrics and threads, Trans-web fusible web.

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Photo courtesy Hoddick Photography