Aviatrix Amy © Sue de Vanny

Aviatrix Amy: Amy Johnson

Sue de Vanny

Greenvale, Victoria, Australia

Artist Statement

Amy Johnson appealed to me because of my love for all things aviation, the era and the courageous feat flying solo such a long distance from England to Australia. I’ve tried to depict this in the quilt with Amy’s Art Deco type of look replicated from the famous picture of her available through the public domain. Also adding my thread sketch of her aircraft above her head on the left hand side and a simple map of the route she travelled on the right. I have used travel and period type printed fabrics to add to the atmosphere of that time with the influence of Art Deco style in the quilting.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

In 1930, Amy Johnson became the first woman pilot (‘Aviatrix’ title at the time) to fly solo from London, England to Darwin, Australia.


Most of the background is paper-pieced drawn by myself in a computer program, Amy’s face and goggles were fabric collaged separately then layed over, appliqued to the Paper-pieced background and thread sketched with details of eyes and finer features. then following up with quilting, where the aircraft and map was quilted first then the remainder quilted the aircraft and map were subtlety painted in with ink. Facing rather than binding on the edges.


Cotton printed, hand dyed, batik fabrics, Aleene’s tacky glue, threads cotton and polyester, Tsukineko Ink, Wool/poly batting.

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