Susan B Anthony © Suzanne Evenson

Susan B Anthony

Suzanne Evenson

Inverness, Florida, USA

Artist Statement

I was inspired to create this work for several reasons. When my own mother was born in 1915 women did not yet have the right to vote. I also admire women who dare to speak out for themselves and on behalf of others despite potential risks or consequences.

As I researched Susan B Anthony’s life and especially her words I was struck by parallels to the lives of women in some parts of the world today. And I was keenly aware that some of her words continue to apply to various women’s situations in America in the present day. As a woman I am grateful for Susan B. Anthony’s dedication to speak in public on behalf of all women despite most men’s belief that women should not speak in public. Most men would not listen even if a woman dared to speak in public. It is with our votes that we can be heard. The words of Susan B. Anthony helped to create our path to the vote.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Susan B Anthony (1820-1906) was a pioneer in the movement for women’s suffrage in America, delivering speeches and encouraging action for the cause across the country.


Piecing, fused applique, machine and hand stitching.


Digitally printed text and image on fabric.