Dr Pearl Eileen Primus © Linda Martin

Dr. Pearl Eileen Primus

Linda F Martin

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Artist Statement

My artwork allows me to have a conversation with the viewer. I introduce myself to the viewer through my pieces with the intent of displaying who I am, where I have been and where I am going. The “conversation” is a give and take of who could the subject be, how did the piece evolve and what, if anything, is familiar to the viewer.

My collage portraits are inspired by the particular beauty of the subject whether in my imagination or my interpretation of an actual individual. The eyes, nose or mouth of a subject will inspire me to quilt the subject.

I depend heavily on the use of colors and fabrics with designs. The red fabric in Dr. Primus’ gele represents the hardship, struggles that she endured in practicing her art. The green fabric represents the freedom and the birth that she gave to the dances. The gold colors represent the richness of her heritage and the three dancing figures represent the dances that she created and the leaping formations that she was known for. One can often find symbolisms in many of my collage portraits.

My artwork continues to evolve and my desire continues to not only make a statement but to engage peoples of the world in conversations through my work.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

From her professional dance debut 1943 until her death in 1995 she used the stage as a platform for social change and education.


Fabric glued to the background and quilted together.


Commercial fabric, glue, thread

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