Triumph © Laura A Mosher


Laura A Mosher

West Point, New York, USA

Artist Statement

I’m a long-time quilter (probably 30 years at least, now), working my way from traditional to art quilting in a slow arc. I find that accepting the challenge of specific “Calls for Submission” helps propel me forward into that new world, where patterns are out the window, and all ideas and techniques are on the table – or remain to be invented.

This particular call, HERstory, was a perfect example: I am a woman who works for the Army, and what other outstanding women would I be called to make a quilt about than the first female Army Rangers? CAPT Kristen Griest, 1LT Shaye Haver, and MAJ Lisa Jaster are all graduates of West Point, where I work as a librarian. I’ve never met any of them personally, but as a woman who spent much of her life in non-traditional professions, I appreciate the amazing accomplishment they have achieved: successfully serving in a male-dominated organization, and completing the most grueling training in the Army to be the first women to wear the coveted Ranger tab.

The women, all officers in different military branches (Military Police, Aviation, Engineers) at the time of their training, are represented by the female symbol and the insignia of their branch, while the stem of the symbol, a black and gold ribbon, stands for their time at West Point. The Ranger tab sits proudly across that ribbon. Surrounding the women’s symbols are words that describe their effort and achievement. Rangers Lead the Way!

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

CAPT Kristen Griest, 1LT Shaye Haver, and MAJ Lisa Jaster became the United States Army’s first three female Rangers in 2015.


Machine applique, quilting, and embroidery; embellishments.


Cotton and felt, embellishments, ribbon, thread (cotton and nylon); fabric from a female Army officer’s ACU uniform.