Pancho Barnes 1901-1975 © Jennifer O'Brien

Pancho Barnes 1901-1975

Jennifer O’Brien

New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Artist Statement

I was inspired to choose Pancho Barnes because of how adventurous she was. She tried anything to do with flying and she felt women could do it as well as men. She was a stunt pilot, a test pilot, a Barnstormer, a fierce competitor in flying competitions, and a flight instructor who trained both men and women. Women face strong discrimination when entering a male dominated field but she just surged forward and took her place in history.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Pancho competed in air races, was a movie stunt pilot, brought Barnstorming to small towns, tested new plane designs and trained both men and women at her flight school.


Pieced and raw edge applique


100% cotton fabric, wool/poly batting

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