Are You With Her? © Laurie Russman

Are You With Her?

Laurie Russman

New York, New York, USA

Artist Statement

What do you see when you see Hillary Clinton? An extraordinary woman who has broken all but one glass ceiling in a long and distinguished career of public service? Or, a lifetime “politician,” with all that the word entails? As well-known as she is, Hillary is also – in some ways – unknowable, so I opted for a reflective fabric for her face that is a mirror for the viewer. She looks up at the celebratory streamers and stars, which reflect her many accomplishments…the one falling star representing the outcome of the presidential election..and shards of glass representing glass ceilings shattered by her nomination. The “Pantsuit Nation” stands behind her, in white to honor the suffragettes that came before us…we are a bit worn but we stand strong.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

The first woman to be nominated by a major party for President…and the winner of the popular vote by last count!


Raw-edged fused applique and free-motion quilting


Hand-dyed (by Carol Eaton) cotton fabrics, piece of a old favorite pantsuit ;), fabric paint, scraps of batik and commercial cotton, lame, trilobal polyester thread