Our Bodies Ourselves © Fran Saperstein

Our Bodies Ourselves

Fran Saperstein

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Artist Statement

Like many young college aged women, I had a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves in my dorm room. As a young woman of 18, on her own, given little information about my body by my pediatrician, this book empowered me to advocate for my own health care needs, contraceptive choices, and learning about self care.

Now in its ninth edition with additional information and access online, this is the premier resource on women’s health written by and for women. It’s a piece of feminist health literature; a bible for women to learn about and take charge of their own health and wellness. The book provides a framework for how to talk with medical professionals and others about our bodies.

Personally meeting and working with Judy Norsigian, the Executive Director and one of the founding members and writers of Our Bodies Ourselves, has been a huge influence on my young adulthood, feminism and health.

Woman’s Groundbreaking Accomplishment

Judy Norisigian is the co-author and editor of Our Bodies, Ourselves, an empowering book by and for women about their bodies and health.


Created applique from an image received by Judy Norsigian. The image was manipulated in Photoshop and lines were traced onto white cotton. The image was then hand-stitched with cotton embroidery thread in several variegated colors to create the contours of the face. This applique was then placed upon a hand-quilted background which emphasizes the name of the organization and book with which Norsigian’s name is synonymous.


Cotton fabric, cotton batting, variegated cotton floss, cotton thread